Fortress of the Starpath is a campaign currently ran on OpenRPG by froggotten, but he is looking for players for a IRL game. F.o.t.S is ran using the ZODIAC Final Fantasy RPG system. Even though ZODIAC is basically a combat simulator, a skill system used with it can provide a basic RPG experience. Here is the story behind Fortress

Many years ago, the world was at peace. The Three Nations War which ravaged the lands had been over for well over 300 years. All the lands were living off each other to insure this peace. Midori provided exotic spices and adamant that was mined from the Midori mountains or found in meteorites. Lusor provided exotic foods like the frostfruit and gashyl yams. Opherborn offer their trade of mythril and rosewood. But this peace was about to become despair.

On the night of the Mooncrossing, an event that happens once every century, everybody was celebrating as they always do on such a cultural occasion. Suddenly, a black shadow appeared over the fourth moon and continue to cross over. It was a flying castle, spires pointing from the bottom of it. the crowds around the dark side of the world went quiet. Someone asked if it was Omni-being’s castle. Others believed it was the castle of the dark lord. All were wrong.

A great blue beam of energy fired from the castle, destroying a part of the town. Panic ensued as everyone ran for cover as this new threat to the world made its purpose clear. It slowly flew across the sky, attack any town it crossed, and attacking the castles as well.

A group of mages came together and, with the help of dragoons, flew towards the fortress on the back of dragons. They casted spells of all sorts against it, but in vain, they fell in groups as the Fortress attacked them. It seemed the world was at an end.

One day, a mystari mage-knight named Mafera took to the skies with greatsword in hand and courage in his heart. He flew towards the fortress alone, his sigts set on it. The fortress fired a beam iof energy towards him. In an instant, he casted reflect upon himself and the energy bounced back, striking a spire and destroying it. Another beam, another spire. Mafera casted Holy against it and destroyed another crystal spire. The war waged on, neither gaining an advantage.

Mafera decided to end it, and called upon all remaining strength in his body to cast a spell that no mere mortal has ever accomplished without going into a coma and dying. He cried above the land. “ULTIMAJA!” and slashed his sword towards the fortress. A crescent beam of purple energy flew across the sky and landed against the fortress, slicing it’s way through to the other side. The Fortress then began to fall towards the world. Mafera, too, fell from the skies as his magic wings slowly dematerialized.

Sages arrived at the site where the Fortress fell. They found Mafera’s lifeless body there as well. To ensure the Fortress never rose again, they casted a spell over it to keep it hidden from the eyes of the world, and built a wall around it. The only way to enter it would to be gather the seven keys that opened the gates in the wall. Mafera was announced as the hero of the world, and his body was buried as the first hero in the Cemetary of the Fallen Heroes. Many centuries have passed since then, and now a new threat emerges to awaken the Fortress of the Starpath and bring ruin to the world.

Race Info

“Hume” – basically human. Nothing really special. More dominant species on the planet of Halcyon

“Fornmi” – elf, like those in DND and FFXI. They have a protective nature when it comes to the forest, and are excellent in swordsmanship and magic. They are organized by clans. Names are listed as first name, clan name. Half-Fornmi are possible

“Nymu” – catfolk, like the Mithra of FFXI, but the birth ratio is about even, and both males and females can go on adventures. They are excellent choices for classes that rely on agility and dexterity.

“Moogle” – if you played Final Fantasy, you know what a moogle is. Moogles in this game are more similiar to those found in FFXII.

“Pouglenn” – frogfolk, similiar to Frog from Chrono Trigger. Due to their mouth structure, they replace Y sounds with L sounds, B sounds with V sounds, and P sounds with F sounds. They maker excellent samurai, and even better mages.

“Mystari” – A race known to trace its history to the Cetrans, or the Ancients. They have blue blood, and the ability to create magical metal like webbed wings from pure thought. They make excellent mages. They either are, or nearly, gone because they are disappearing.

“Geckling” – lizardfolk, the same as those found in Romancing Saga. They are excellent craftsman, and work as so in Begonx. They always lengthen their S sounds.

Religion in FotS

There is only but one main religion, and that is of Omnis. The god of Omnis is Omni-being, the god that created all and is of all. But people have different beliefs of him, though it’s basically the same. Omnis is separated in four divinations

“The Creator” – Belief that Omni-being created all through will and thought. As the Creator, he sends his word through things sculpted or painted with one’s eye closed and mind openned.

“The Builder” – Belief that Omni-being created all the races, and built the world from the various elements of the universe, tempered the mountains, smoothed down the plains, and cooled the world with water. Those who serve the Builder are usually blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, and the like.

“The Healer” – Those of the Healer belief that world was once a sick and dying place, the Omni-being showed up and cured the world of disease and brought the sick back to health. Those who follow him as the Healer are healers themselves, usually clerics or white mages.

“The Shaper” – Those who follow the word of the Shaper believe Omni-Being designs all of the races, shaping the child at first, then allowing their decisions through life shape the body and mind. Those who follow Omni-being as the Shaper are good with their hands, making stuff and selling it as it is a gift from the Shaper himself.

There are other religions that hide in secret. The only known ones are Starrian and Cetran.

“Starrian” – Those who live the way of Starrian consult the stars at night for signs just for them. They hold slabs of wood or pieces of parchment with holes in it to the sky. If the stars fit the holes, then a question they have asked is yes.

“Cetran” – The Cetran are Polytheistic, believing in many gods. The main ones are Zitra (god of gods), Seth (the dark god), Aerith (goddess of love), Vivis (god of magic) and Cecil (god of war).

Map of Halcyon

Fortress of the Starpath